Wall Stencils for Kids Bedrooms!

Wall Stencils for Kids Bedrooms!

Wall Stencils for Kids Bedrooms!

Let Your Inner Artist Come Through With These Wall Stencils For Children

Birch Tree Nursery Wall Stencil on WallStickers.ie

 It’s important your child not only loves their room, but that they immediately feel like their room is a home, made specifically for them. 
With our nursery wall stencils in the UK, you can customise your child’s room while creating a professional looking wall mural. These stencils are incredibly easy to use and you get all the satisfaction of painting your child’s wall yourself. 

You get to choose the colours and can even add detailing to customise the design by putting in your child's name or extra leaves or shapes! Your child will be in awe of their room and their parents that took the time to create it for them. Best mum and dad EVER!!! 
Before you know it, every other child will be jealously asking their parents why they didn’t paint a wall stencil on their bedroom wall.

Embrace Creativity In Your Household

Space Rocket Wall Stencil


Help your child grow into a creative free-thinking human being that sees a world full of possibilities through allowing them to imagine their own dream room. 

Your child will feel empowered by you entrusting the design of their room to them. It is a chance to teach them responsibility and independence. With these wall stencils your children can decorate their own room by harnessing the artist inside them or if their skills aren’t quite up to that level, they can imagine the design and you can paint it for them.

Our wall stencils will serve as a guide to follow in order to create professional level wall art while offering them the ability to let their imagination run wild. Just tape our wall stencils in the layout you would like to paint them, grab your paint and paintbrush, and presto you have your own wall mural! This way your child not only got to design the room the way they wanted it, but they got to physically make it with their own two hands.


Precious Memories For The Future

Tree Wall Stencil


This UK wall stencil from their childhood will be memorialised on their wall forever. It will serve as a physical memory of this special time in your life when your child was still learning about the world and all it contained. You will always be able to look back and remember how young your child used to be and see how much they have grown and developed over the years. It will be so meaningful in a few years for you and your child to reminisce over.