I'm Bored Kids Activity Checklist

I'm Bored Kids Activity Checklist

Those dreaded words..I'm bored!!

We have put together a long checklist of activities for your kids for when they tell you that they are bored!!

It is based on the word bored and the letters are divided into categories:

B is for being helpful or kind

O is for outside play

R is for reading or learning something new

E is for exercising

D is for doing something creative

Simply print and put on your fridge or display where your kids can find it and ask them to do an activity from each of the letters!

(Just click on the image below to automatically download the PDF.)

It would be a great idea to have one for each child, laminate it if possible and they can mark off when they have done an activity..don't worry it will hopefully take them all summer!!

If you are looking for educational wall stickers to keep them learning also just click here!!

I'm Bored Kids Activity Checklist