Five inexpensive ways to update your child's bedroom / play space

Five inexpensive ways to update your child's bedroom / play space

Looking to update your child's bedroom or play space quickly, easily and without spending too much..check out our 5 ideas below!!

1. Turn old crates into storage / shelves

You can paint them in colours to match their room or let the kids do it themselves (outside!). Attaching them to the wall is an option also and is the perfect storage for books and other small toys.

2. Frame their artwork

Display a gallery of your child’s artwork in clear acrylic frames that can be updated as often as you wish when new pieces are created. There is also the option to scan / take photos of the old artwork and put together in a photo book for when your kids are older (it also cuts down on the amount of artwork you need to keep!)

3. Wooden wall print

A wooden wall print is a fantastic way to display your favorite photos..apparently this is the Scandi way also! The natural wood grain texture allows for a unique print. See service available at

4. Create a magnetic wall

Magnetic paint allows you to transform a wall into a a learning space: just add magnetic numbers and letters. It is available from

5. Embrace a theme

Whether it is stars and stripes, animals, princesses, space or a farm theme..the easiest way to update a room quickly is with wall stickers. Here at Wall Stickers For Kids we have a brilliant range of wall stickers, decals and more to allow you to choose a theme you want!! Click here to see our full range, free delivery over £20 also!