Educational Wall Decals

Educational Wall Decals

Educational Wall Decals

Create A Fun Learning Environment With These Wall Stickers For Kids

 Fun Colour Map

As a parent,creche or school, it is important to give your child the best foundation possible so they can excel in life. 
Helping them grow used to learning new things and finding enjoyment from it is one of the best concepts you can instil in your child.

Show them that learning isn’t something to be scared but something fun and part of life by designing their room with educational wall stickers. This will motivate them to expand their horizons at all ages of their life.
Learn where the UK is on our fun maps! 

By learning simple concepts at a young age at home through wall art, they will have a major advantage when they get to school. This will make them feel confident in their studies instead of insecure because of lack of knowledge. The best part is because these wall stickers are so easy to apply and take down when your child grows up and starts learning harder concepts you can easily take the stickers down and replace them with a new interest your child has developed.


Help Your Child Learn Their ABCs With This Wall Art

Alphabet Wall Stickers


There is no prouder moment for your child than when they first conquer the alphabet and get to happily sing it to anyone who will listen. With our wide selection of alphabet wall stickers across the UK, your children can learn the alphabet with the help of different cute drawings or just beautifully designed letters. This is the perfect way to create a fun and beautifully designed room for your child while still adding an educational element.


Grow Your Child’s Curiosity For The World With These Wall Stickers


Introduce your child to the expansive place we call Earth with world map wall art. These maps will help your child understand all the different countries, cultures, and climates that make up our world. It will help them develop an open mind for these societal differences, as well as, spark a hunger in them to learn about the world outside their house. With these wall stickers, you can begin teaching them the names of the continents and some of their family heritage.


Get Your Child Excited To Grow With These Wall Stickers


Height Chart Decals

With these height charts, you can get your child just as excited as you are for every centimetre they grow! It will also help them practice their numbers and counting skills.